Bed bug extermination RI is a family-owned business dedicated to the eradication of bed bugs. We have been servicing Rhode Island and south eastern Massachusetts with the process of using high heat to kill bed bugs since 2012. Our equipment consists of a 14 foot trailer that houses a 1.2 million btu heater that runs off of 500 pounds of propane. This is a scientifically proven method that is very safe and non-toxic. We are discreet. There is no lettering on our trucks or trailers and we have no uniforms to protect your privacy. We’ve been in the Environmental Services business since 2004 with a background in pest control, lead paint and radon. As landlords ourselves we can appreciate how challenging this problem can be in multi-family houses.

You can go to work in the morning and when you return your problem is solved. It’s an average of an 8-hour treatment instead of multiple treatments of chemicals. Chemicals take three treatments 2 weeks apart to kill the different life cycles of the bed bugs. There is no need to throw away your mattresses, box springs or couches. There is no damage and is safe for your electronics. There is minimum preparation.


Non-chemical. Non-toxic. Good- night solution.

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