Heat Treatment vs. Chemical Treatment

We wanted to present the REAL story when it comes to heat versus chemical treatment of bed bugs. Here are the facts! All treatments are not equal – choose for yourself!

Heat Treatment: One treatment. One cost. One and done.

Chemical Treatment: Requires three treatments. These three treatments at least two weeks apart. This is 3x more disruptive to your schedule AND essentially means you’re living with bedbugs for an additional month! On top of that, it means multiple payments.

Heat treatment: Kills bedbugs, eggs and larva in one shot. All living things have a thermal kill point. Heat treatments bring the temperature of the affected areas up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius), which melts the wax exoskeleton of bedbugs. The bugs (and eggs) then dehydrate and die.

Chemical Treatment: After 3 treatments bedbugs can become immune to the chemical agents. Usually after 3rd treatment, remaining bedbugs can’t be killed by chemical spray. Bedbugs have an enzyme in their body that builds a resistance to today’s pesticides.

Heat Treatment: Safe for people and pets. Heat treatment is green technology that is pesticide free and is safe for people with respiratory issues, children and pets.

Chemical Treatment: Can be Harmful for people and pets. Leaves pesticide residue, which can be harmful to humans and pets. And remember, you’re getting three doses of it because chemical treatment requires three rounds.

Heat treatment: No escape. Heat penetrates even the tiniest areas. It draws bedbugs out of their hidden nests. The bugs are like moths to a flame. They like warm temperatures, it makes them active. We then turn up the heat and kill the hidden bedbugs, eggs and larva.

Chemical Treatment: Bedbugs scatter and hide from chemical treatment. This drives the bugs structurally into the walls where the chemical is non-effective, thus surviving the chemical treatment. Chemicals also often miss the hidden eggs and larva.

Heat Treatment: Saves money. No need to throw away couches, mattresses, etc. Additionally, TVs, stereos, computers are all safe during heat treatments.

Chemical Treatment: Costs more money. The cost estimate or quote you get for the first chemical treatment is actually cheaper than heat treatment. BUT, remember, you’ll have three rounds of chemical treatment. On top of that, you’ll need to replace all items contaminated with pesticide, including your mattress, couches, any exposed clothes, etc. Therefore, chemical treatment is more expensive in the long run.


Non-chemical. Non-toxic. Good- night solution.

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